Final Word from Monday, September 2, 2002

Premier Vladimír Špidla told Czech Radio last week that there is essentially nothing good about the catastrophic floods that hit the country. However, he said, there are some very good things that have occurred in reaction to the floods. For example, EU Enlargement Commissioner Günter Verheugen said the attitude in the CR toward the EU has significantly improved, thanks to the way the EU responded. In time of need, says a Czech expression, one recognizes one's friends. Not only the EU, but also the U.S. and Russia have rushed to help. Numerous companies and individuals have also come forward. In times of crisis, a person's true colors show, for better or for worse. Perhaps the best thing the flood can teach us is who our friends are, which politicians are best fit to lead us, and whom we should watch out for in the future.


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