Final Word from Monday, August 12, 2002

The day after the elections, Václav Klaus told Czech Television TV that he hadn't yet thought about what effect the results would have on the presidential elections. When MF Dnes asked him last month if the might want to become the CR's first EU commissioner, he said he'd never given it any thought. When Právo asked him 10 days ago about the recent bonus-miles scandal in German politics, he said he had no idea what a frequent-flyer program was. Could a man of his education and position truly never have given these things any thought? Or does he resort to little white lies when he's surprised by a question or doesn't want to answer it? Usually, Klaus' innocence sounds insincere. One of our readers joked that Klaus doesn't need to know about frequent-flyer programs because he's already a member of the frequent-liar program.


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