Final Word from Monday, May 5, 2003

George W. Bush declared victory in Iraq last week, but mainly for the voters. Officially, the "battle" of Iraq continues. This trick allows the U.S. to avoid releasing POWs and to keep looking for weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Jiří Roškot said in Právo that the question arises as to whether the Iraqis were so good at hiding the weapons or the Americans so bad at finding them. A third possibility is that there aren't significant amounts of the weapons in Iraq. Newspapers such as the Independent and the New York Times raised the thought that the U.S. knew this all along and misled the public, the media and its allies about its reasons for going to war. Some Czech politicians and newspapers were very supportive of the U.S. and spoke of WMD to justify their warmongering. They, too, will have some answering to do if the U.S. doesn't find any weapons soon.


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