Final Word from Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Václav Klaus said earlier this month that he'd get involved in the selection of the the CR's first European commissioner, but so far he's kept quiet. He's letting the coalition make a fool of itself by being unable to come up with a suitable person. ČSSD's latest choice, according to Czech TV Television, is ex-Environment Minister Miloš Kužvart, but this is surely not going to please Klaus. He stated in June 2002 that Kužvart was among the clear failures in the Zeman cabinet. Klaus instead wants someone who has successfully run a big ministry. Who could he possibly have in mind? Old pals like Ivan Kočárník, Karel Dyba or Vladimír Dlouhý? Of the three, only Dlouhý seems eager for a political comeback. If the coalition isn't able to agree on a strong candidate, Klaus might try to use the disarray to push through his own person. In Dlouhý, he might also see a future ODS chairman. Goldman Sachs

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