Final Word from Monday, March 15, 2004

Czech politicians are using the terrorist attacks in Madrid to their own advantage. Interior Minister Stanislav Gross took control and announced that more policemen will be sent into the streets. KDU-ČSL Chair Miroslav Kalousek promoted his party's proposal to crack down on even minor drug offenders, saying that no fight against terrorists can be effective without cutting off the drug money that finances them. Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda indirectly used Madrid to justify his own defense of U.S. policies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Premier Vladimír Špidla said the CR is prepared to do everything in the war against terrorism. Meanwhile, intelligence officials noted that the reason the CR is a potential target is that it supports U.S. policy. Will Czech politicians change their tune if it's confirmed that Spaniards voted out their government because of its pro-U.S. stance?


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