Final Word from Monday, March 29, 2004

When a lawyer from Lovells had the audacity to ruffle the feathers of CEO Aleš Hušák of Sazka in a recent meeting about Sazka's new hockey arena, Hušák got Týden to write an article attacking the lawyer. Hušák might have caused a political storm when he told F1 radio last week that Premier Vladimír Špidla wasn't welcome at the opening of the arena, but revealing a comment Hušák made seconds later about journalists went nearly unnoticed. He told F1 that many reporters wouldn't be invited to the opening of the arena either. Managers like Hušák often talk about democracy and civil society but act like dictators when it comes to journalistic freedoms. They reward those who write positive articles and punish those who don't. Hušák's public acknowledgement of this attitude was very enlightening. Reporters now know what it takes to get on his guest list. Frekvence 1


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