Final Word from Thursday, May 20, 2004

Mirek Topolánek says confidently that he won't face a real challenge for reelection as ODS chairman in the fall if his party does well in this year's elections, but his recent remark about wanting to sack Senior State Prosecutor Marie Benešová after ODS takes over power has created an opening for a challenger. Benešová has been a strong critic of municipal corruption, and ODS happens to be well-represented at city halls around the country. Topolánek's reaction to Benešová's vague accusations strengthened suspicions that he wants to cover something up. Enter ODS Vice Chair Petr Nečas. He called in MFD yesterday for an investigation into suspected corruption in the Český Telecom privatization and other deals. His comment could be seen not only as a challenge to Stan-the-Man Gross, but also as the first hint of a challenge to Soft-on-Corruption Topolánek himself. Stanislav


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