Final Word from Friday, June 4, 2004

Are Czechs working too hard, or hardly working? Depends on whom you ask. CzechTourism has come under attack for TV commercials that suggest that things move at a snail's pace in the CR. "Come to the CR to slow down!" the ads say. This doesn't give potential investors a good impression, critics argue. CzechTourism says the ads are aimed at tourists, not investors. Meanwhile, CEO Jack Stack of Česká spořitelna warned fresh MBA graduates at CMC last week about working too hard. "It'll be a very lonely existence and a very meaningless life if you're successful in your professional lives and unsuccessful in your personal lives," he said. Which makes us think how nice it'd be if CzechTourism could say in its ads next time, "Come to the CR, where everyone puts in a hard day's work and then goes home to enjoy the fruits of his honest, productive labor." television


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