Final Word from Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Vladimír Železný is one of the CR's most skilled public speakers, and he's used his charisma to portray himself in the European elections as a victim. Some of his complaints include: His party was intentionally given a high - and therefore unattractive - number for the EU elections (32); he was invited and then uninvited to appear on TV Nova's "7" debate show; PPF knows how to "turn things around" in the courts; he gets the blame for the CR's arbitration loss to CME, but in fact the judgment came because CME bribed a key witness; his tax-evasion trial was timed to coincide with the elections (but later postponed); and his election effort is unfairly portrayed as being about EU immunity. One thing Železný can't complain about is the media coverage he's gotten in the run-up to the elections. He's been everywhere (except on TV Nova). His next stop will be Brussels. Union parliament


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