Final Word from Monday, June 14, 2004

Vladimír Špidla and Stanislav Gross appeared separately yesterday on the TV Nova and TV Prima debate shows, but they might as well have been debating each other. Špidla admitted defeat in the EU elections but blamed it on low turnout (29%), EU skepticism and, only grudgingly, problems within ČSSD. Gross in contrast used a well-planned performance to put the blame on Špidla. Everyone must be prepared to recognize reality, he said, with Špidla's escapism of a few moments earlier still echoing in viewers' ears. Gross called for a broad cabinet reshuffle but said he isn't planning a coup. ODS Vice Chair Petr Nečas lent Gross a hand by saying ČSSD needs to start looking for a new premier. Gross is positioning himself for any eventuality, whether a minority cabinet, an interim government or early elections. Špidla is still in charge, but only barely. Nedělní partie "7" Sedmička Parliament


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