Final Word from Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The timing of the rare two-page interview in MFD last Fri. with CEO Petr Kellner of PPF surely wasn't coincidental. Kellner downplayed PPF's interest in Český Telecom, yet some observers say that that's what the interview was all about. Among average Czechs, PPF's image is presumably quite solid, and these aren't likely the people Kellner was addressing. Instead, he's probably worried about the politicians and opinion leaders who can make or break a deal such as Telecom. These well-informed readers won't change their opinion of PPF after one interview. To its credit, PPF has mostly stopped using TV Nova to trumpet its own causes, but it still uses Euro magazine every week to manipulate business and political developments in its own favor. Until PPF shuts down or sells Euro, its "bad guy" media image among opinion leaders won't change much. MF Dnes


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