Final Word from Tuesday, August 3, 2004

Ex-Deputy Foreign Minister Alexandr Vondra told LN that Israel is perhaps the only country that still remembers Miloš Zeman fondly. As premier, Vondra said, Zeman was a good friend to Israel and didn't succumb to the tendency in the EU to placate the Arab community. Stanislav Gross, it seems, is following in Zeman's footsteps. He showed up in downtown Prague on Sun. at the scene of a bombing that was attributed to a battle between two rival Israeli gangs. Gross, in a stroke of genius, was wearing a Kenvelo Jeans t-shirt. Kenvelo is a respected Israeli-owned clothing company in Prague, and Gross's endorsement of it at a critical moment helped to contain any nascent anti-Israeli sentiments by stressing that there are good Israeli businesses in Prague too. Or perhaps it wasn't like that at all. Perhaps Gross just threw on the first shirt he found in his drawer. Lidové novinyArab-Israeli conflict


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