Final Word from Friday, August 6, 2004

A common question around Prague is why Martin Jahn, the successful CEO of CzechInvest, would accept the job of deputy premier for economics. Jahn's answer is that it's an extension of what he's been doing at CzechInvest - promoting the CR as a good place to do business. With an MBA and years of hands-on experience, Jahn is well-prepared for his new post but also has a lot going against him. He has no ministry, no party support, and some potential enemies in Finance Minister Sobotka and Industry Minister Urban. His political career could be quite short. But being named to the cabinet was like winning the Oscar. When a bad actor - meaning in this analogy most of the current unqualified, dead-end ministers - wins the award, it provides only a fleeting blip of fame. But when a good actor wins, it opens the door to many new opportunities. Unlike most of the other current ministers, if Jahn falls, he'll fall upward. Bohuslav Milan


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