Final Word from Friday, August 27, 2004

Impressionist Darryl Hammond said he'll be forever grateful to Bill Clinton, because thanks to the ex-president, he'll always be assured of a job. Czech commentators have a similar reason to be thankful for Stanislav Gross. There's an endless supply of things to say about him. In the past two days alone, the four major dailies have devoted half a dozen commentaries to his exploits. Gross's office also provided some unintended humor yesterday. After an attentive reader told us Gross no longer uses a Nokia Communicator, we inquired about his new phone. He uses an iPAQ, his spokeswoman told us, but she refused to name the brand, because that would be a "hidden advertisement." Never mind that this is the same Gross who walks around with "Patria Finance" or "Kenvelo" plastered on his chest. And never mind that iPAQs are made only by Hewlett-Packard. telephone smartphone Compaq


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