Final Word from Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The dispute between ex-CEO Vladimír Železný of TV Nova and his former subordinate Jana Bobošíková is a fine example of the small-mindedness of the Czech media. The two are currently European MPs and got into a very public spat, essentially because Železný is a megalomaniac and Bobošíková was late in acknowledging it. The details of the dispute aren't important. Actually, neither is either of them anymore, but the media would rather dote on famous people with little problems than go to the effort of uncovering the big problems of little people. In general, only a person who's already well-known in the CR has much chance of making the news. To its credit, HN bucked the trend today and ignored the latest episode in the Železný soap opera. We, too, will practice what we preach and vow never again to write about such media favorites as Železný and Viktor Kožený until they do something noteworthy. Hospodářské noviny Senator

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