Final Word from Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A deal is in the works to shift Kč 1bn in annual ad spending from Czech TV to Nova and Prima under the guise of promoting digitalization. In exchange, Czech TV would get a higher monthly user's fee and regular upward adjustments. So far, this has worried mainly TV advertisers, who fear that the decrease in competition would drive up the price of air time. Anyone in the news business should be worried, too, though. Anything that gives Czech TV a more secure revenue stream increases its ability to act as an integrated news provider. ČT 24, its news channel, has taken off well, and ČT 24's website ( could easily become a favored alternative for those irritated by all the ads and fluff on commercial sites. Czech TV probably won't run any daily newspapers or established websites out of business, but its budget of Kč 5bn and rising should put a good scare into them. [Czech Repubic Television advertising ČT24 gathering]


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