Final Word from Thursday, June 23, 2005

Several readers said that by concentrating on the taxis at Prague airport, we missed the big picture. The removal of Martin Kačur as CEO of the ČSL Airport Authority was the work of KDU Chair Miroslav Kalousek, they said. There are four main issues. First, Kalousek's need to consolidate KDU's position after losing the budget committee and antitrust office. (ČSL's interim CEO is close to KDU.) Second, the privatization of ČSL, which Kalousek wants to control. Third, land speculation regarding the new runway, which would be hindered if an eminent-domain law - not backed by KDU - were passed. And fourth, building contracts at the airport, which haven't been going the way KDU would like. There's also speculation that Minister Milan Šimonovský (KDU) wants to slow down growth at Prague airport in favor of Brno. In this light, the Visa taxis do indeed seem minor. [Czech Repubic Česká zpráva letišť KDU-ČSL Transport]


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