Final Word from Thursday, September 3, 2009

Why would politicians from ČSSD and ODS suspect that TOP 09 is behind the constitutional challenge to early elections? Most analysts agree that TOP 09 is on a roll and that a delay in the elections could cause it to lose its mojo. What ČSSD and ODS vividly recall, however, is that TOP 09 is the only significant force that has challenged the ČEZ coalition. Miroslav Kalousek opposed the carbon-credit giveaway and has repeatedly warned against the "privatization of public authority." According to one theory, the goal of the constitutional challenge is to give TOP the time it needs to boost its election potential to 15%, perhaps enough to thwart an ODS-ČSSD grand coalition. This would provide greater assurance to the commercial interests behind TOP 09 that they won't be shut out. The little matter of their own interest in privatizing public authority isn't something Kalousek likes to talk about.[Czech Republic Karel Schwarzenberg]

Glossary of difficult words

gambit - an action entailing a degree of risk that is calculated to gain an advantage;

to be on a roll - to be experiencing a prolonged spell of success or good luck;

mojo - (often used in U.S. politics) magic charm, magic power;

vividly - with a clear image in one's mind;

give-away/giveaway - an act or instance of giving something away, esp. the appropriation of natural resouces or public lands for private gain;

to thwart - to prevent (someone) from accomplishing something;

to shut out - to keep someone or something out of a place or situation (such as a position of power or commercial gain).

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