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In the latest TV version of Nikita, the heroine is trying to bring down a rogue U.S. spy agency that is training hit men and women and using them for jobs that sometimes go against the interests of the country. Nikita's self-assigned task shares some characteristics with the new real-life role of Lt. Col. Karel Daňhel, who is trying to save his life and career after being hounded out of army HQ by the VZ military-intelligence unit and its allies at the NBÚ vetting agency and in government (Kalousek, Barták). If even half of what Daňhel says about the abuse of power, cover- up of fraud and use of intimidation by VZ and NBÚ has any basis in fact, it suggests that the hit men of these two agencies are rogue operators who are threatening the security of the country, Nato and the EU. The other option is even worse - that they are acting in an official capacity and represent what is essentially a criminal state.[Czech Republic Vojenské zpravodajství Miroslav Martin National Security Office Národní bezpečnostní úřad European Union]

Glossary of difficult words

rogue - operating outside normal or desirable controls;

hit man - a person who is paid to kill someone (either literally or figuratively), esp. for a criminal or political organization;

to hound someone out of somewhere - to harass or persecute someone until he or she leaves a position;

to vet - to perform a background check on someone; to make a careful and critical examination of something.

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