Final Word from Monday, April 14, 2003

Václav Klaus said on Fri. that "certain politicians and media groups" are behind a "brazen attack" on him for writing that U.S. Amb. Craig Stapleton walked out of a meeting with him. He said the reports aren't true. We could take offense at this, because the Final Word played a role in airing the story, but we won't. Instead, we'll try to understand Klaus. At the meeting he allegedly said that any weapons of mass de-struction found in Iraq could be planted there. This would be a serious accusation. Klaus' public statements as president have usually been well thought-out, consistent and logical, whether one agrees with them or not. He's worked hard on his image, but the Stapleton incident suggests that he might put his guard down when he's not in front of the crowds. There will always be people out to get Klaus, but he can limit their options by being a true statesman full-time and not blaming others for his occasional mistakes.


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