Final Word from Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Road fatalities are at a record high this summer, and the media have done an ample job of spreading the sad news. What's missing is a reaction from politicians. The head of the traffic police claimed in MFD that his hands are tied by bad laws, but no politician has countered that speeding and running over cyclists are already illegal. Perhaps no politicians with "moral authority" have cracked down on drivers and the lax police because they know they'd have their pleas thrown back in their face. Politicians and their chauffeurs aren't model drivers. One reader said he keeps a sign in his car for waving at bad drivers. It states simply, "Prase!" ("Asshole!"). Politicians' cars are often the target of his endearing remark. Other responsible drivers can wait for politicians to climb down from their A8's and do something, or follow our defiant reader in sending them a clear message. Audi Zdeněk Bambas Dnes


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