Final Word from Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Which is better, a cabinet run by an honest premier who lacks the leadership skills to get much done, or a cabinet that moves things forward but takes a cut of the action? Premier Vladimír Špidla has been outmaneuvered so far by Interior Minister Stanislav Gross and his band of brothers, who have been "moving things forward" at ČSA, ČKA, ČEZ, etc. The biggest threat to Špidla's future isn't Josef Hojdar (who opposes budget reform) or Mirek Topolánek (who wants to be premier), but rather Gross and his brotherhood. To survive, Špidla will have to make it clear who his enemies are. He's already showing some resistance to them by adopting corruption as his main theme. He has also been gathering secret files. Topolánek told the Prague Post in June that Špidla uses blackmail against those who oppose him. Things might look bad for Špidla, but he isn't down going without a fight. Česká konsolidační agentura


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