Final Word from Monday, July 16, 2007

No one but his new lover likes to admit that Jiří Paroubek is right about anything, but Paroubek hit the nail on the head when he told Právo that ODS made a clever move by suppressing its arrogance before the elections. It's now back to its old ways, he said, which opens up huge room for ČSSD. Many businesspeople find it unbelievable that ODS is messing up so many things so quickly. Many of them, for example, consider social-security caps to be the top priority. ČSSD knows this and is ready to vote for the caps immediately, but ODS continues to stall. LN said MP Michal Doktor of ODS now wants to delay the caps in exchange for a swifter cut in corporate tax. This isn't what the business community wants. Comedian Garrison Keillor said that the ultimate expression of dissent is migration. Businesspeople aren't ready to leave the country, but migrating to ČSSD isn't out of the question.[Czech Republic health insurance Lidové noviny]


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