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In 1934, Oswald Spengler wrote in "The Hour of Decision," which was banned by the Nazis, that "the whites in general are under attack by the collective mass of the 'colored' population of the earth." MEP Vladimír Železný, who promoted multiculturalism as CEO of TV Nova, used the scare of an EU order to move Somalian aliens from Greece to the CR as a reason to reject the Lisbon treaty. The CR would lose the right to veto such a decision, he told TV Prima. The CR is tightening its immigration rules, yet the Statistical Office expects 1.84m foreigners to move in by 2065. Without an order from above, Czechs probably wouldn't accept it. Does it make them racist? Or survivalist? Would Americans be racist if they opposed a debt-for-equity swap that gave China half the Federal land west of the Mississippi? "What if," Spengler asked, "class war and race war joined forces to make an end of the white world?"[Czech Republic European Parliament]

Glossary of difficult words

The Hour of Decision - English edition, reissued in 1963, pages 81 and 228;

Oswald Spengler - German historian and philosopher best known for "The Decline of the West";

TV Prima - sorry, as of Mon. morning yesterday's broadcast was not yet available on the internet - try it again later;

Statistical Office - it expects the population to rise from 10.47m today to 10.67m in 2065, thanks to a net increase of immigrants of 1.84m;

survivalist - of or denoting a policy of trying to ensure one's own survival or that of one's social or national group;

Federal land - the U.S. Federal government owns about 30% of all land in the United States.


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