Final Word from Monday, July 14, 2014

Chair Dana Drábová of the SÚJB nuclear-safety agency and Supervisory Board Chair Václav Pačes of ČEZ are stalwarts of the Energy Establishment and have generally seen eye to eye on key issues. They even jointly edited a very expensive book on the outlook for the energy sector. However, just as the debate about the composition of the sup. board at ČEZ was heating up, Drábová broke ranks and told LN that the Kč 1.55bn price paid to CEEI for a spent nuclear fuel storage facility was inexplicably high. This is one of the deals that Pačes swears by as the state's last line of defense at ČEZ. With every interview Pačes gives, it becomes clearer that he has no place on that body. PM Bohuslav Sobotka continues to insist that the opposition should have a seat on the sup. board, yet the real opposition to what is happening at ČEZ is not ODS or TOP 09, but rather the citizens of the country. They should be given Pačes's seat. [Czech Republic Perspektivy české energetiky atomic energy]

Glossary of difficult words

stalwart - a loyal, reliable, hard-working supporter or participant in an organization or team;

to see eye to eye - to have similar views or attitudes to something; to be in full agreement;

to break ranks - to fail to maintain solidarity;

inexplicable - unable to be explained or accounted for;

to swear by something - to express confidence in, to have faith in something.


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