Final Word from Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The original anti-Babiš coalition, though informal and disparate in nature, was made up largely of Miroslav Kalousek of TOP 09, Echo24 and the blogs of James de Candole. The message was that Andrej Babiš is an autocrat with huge conflicts of interest. That coalition didn't sell very well, largely because Czech voters are willing to accept almost anything from their politicians. Babiš's influence over much of the media also helped. The new improved coalition is much broader and adds people from ČSSD (esp. those linked to lawyer Radek Pokorný and Eurovia CS) who fear major changes at the transport ministry, senators from all parties who don't like being talked down to, businesspeople who are dismayed by the VAT mess Babiš has concocted at the end of the year, and even some of ANO's own MPs who feel underappreciated. The anti-Babiš coalition is now making inroads, but it's still missing a key demographic group - the voters. [Czech Republic construction ŘSD highway transportation]

Glossary of difficult words

disparate - essentially different in kind, not allowing comparison;

new improved - a common marketing expression used to introduce a new version of an existing product;

to dismay - to cause someone to feel surprise and distress;

to concoct - to create or devise;

underappreciated - not appreciated or valued enough;

demographic - related to the structure of populations.

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