Final Word from Tuesday, May 12, 2015

We wrote last month about how Andrej Babiš and other seasoned travelers can avoid near-usurious data-roaming charges outside of the EU by ordering a data package in advance. Of the three operators, O2 CR has the best price for a data package (Kč 3-4 per MB) but the worst price (Kč 300 per MB) if you don't order one. The difference can be as much as 7,500%, so it pays to plan ahead. But O2 has planned even further ahead. If you order a data package and fully exhaust it, you get a warning message, as you should. If you haven't placed a block on further usage, you then start paying Kč 300 per MB. What O2 doesn't make clear is that even after you return to the EU, that same Kč 300 per MB rate continues to apply for any data that you use until the 30-day data package expires. So you think you have outsmarted O2, but in fact it has lured you into its trap with the lowest rate on the market, and then it has skinned you alive. [Czech Republic European Union world svět]

Glossary of difficult words

to skin (an animal) - to remove the skin from; to take money from or swindle someone;

usurious - characterized by, of the nature of, or involving usury (the lending of money at an excessive or illegal rate of interest);

to outsmart someone - to defeat or get the better of someone by being clever or cunning;

to lure someone - to tempt a person to do something or go somewhere, esp. by offering some form of reward.

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