Final Word from Thursday, May 12, 2016

To borrow from Prince and Sinéad O'Connor, it's been seven years and fifteen days (not quite) since Martin Roman left the supervisory board of Czech Railways, theoretically allowing the management to sing, "Since he's been gone we can do whatever we want." It's been five long years since Roman's buddy Martin Dvořák left as CEO of DP Praha transit company, theoretically allowing the management to croon, "We can see whomever we choose." They could then belt out together in chorus, "We can put our arms around every train maker we see." Instead, they keep singing, "Nothing compares, nothing compares 2 u, Škoda Transportation." It's a love that extends all the way to the cabinet. Bohuslav Sobotka and Milan Chovanec are stingy with ČSSD's money when their party owes Kč 338m, but when Czech Railways loses an arbitration case for Kč 1.2bn, they cry out for Škoda. 'Cause they like eating their dinners in fancy restaurants. [Czech Railways České dráhy metro DPP]

Glossary of difficult words

buddy - a close friend;

to croon - to hum or sing in a soft, low voice, esp. in a sentimental manner;

to belt out - to sing loudly or to emit a loud sound;

stingy - ungenerous;

to cry out - (in this context) to plead on behalf of; to demand in an obvious manner.


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