Final Word from Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Bill Gates, the businessman who wanted "a computer on every desk and in every home," now wants a coronavirus vaccine in every person on the planet. "The goal," he says, "is to pick the one or two best vaccine constructs and vaccinate the entire world - that's 7 billion doses if it is a single-dose vaccine, and 14 billion if it is a two-dose vaccine." That's 10.65m in the CR if it's single-dose, and 21.3m if it's two-dose, yet only 0.087% of the Czech population has caught the disease. What's more, the spread of the virus is on the decline, and it seems to be mutating itself to death. Add to this the fact that Gates wants to use an "innovative" RNA vaccine, which has never been successfully developed, and one might conclude that he's trying to create a new market for a highly dubious product. Sort of like Windows Vista. Unthinking Czech politicians and opinion leaders who have bought into Gates's well-staged global propaganda should be challenged to explain why it makes any sense at all. [ Czech Republic Windows vaccination Microsoft ]

Glossary of difficult words

construct - a physical thing that is deliberately built or formed;

dubious - suspect; not to be relied upon;

unthinking - expressed, done, or acting without proper consideration of the consequences;

to buy into - to believe in; to take for real.

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