Final Word from Monday, June 22, 2020

When German Amb. Christoph Israng complained on Twitter on Nov. 1 of last year that a souvenir shop in downtown Prague was selling "garbage" in the form of masks of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis, despite the Czechs having suffered so much under the Nazi regime, Prague 1 canceled the lease of the shopowner. When Israng complained on Twitter on May 25 that products with the "worst criminals in human history" were being sold by a Prague publishing house and said that he does not understand how someone could "make, sell or buy such trash," the police quickly raided the print house and confiscated the calendars. When a Czechoslovak-made statue of Vladimir I. Lenin was erected by the Marxist-Leninist Party in the western German town of Gelsenkirchen, Israng didn't post anything on Twitter. Right, the German ambassador can only get local officials to act so quickly in the Czech Republic, not in Germany. But couldn't Israng at least use his contacts to track down the people in the CR who exported that piece of garbage, so that the Czech police can make some quick arrests? [ Czech Republic ambassador embassy ]

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