Final Word from Thursday, July 2, 2020

Who is Daniel Křetínský's candidate for president? Clearly not Gen. Petr Pavel, otherwise Blesk wouldn't be making such an issue of the possibility that Czech TV news anchor Světlana Witowská is dating political adviser Petr Kolář, who has Pavel's ear. Blesk is treating Světlana's love interest as a conflict of interest. She is recently separated, and Kolář is recently widowed, so there's no sex scandal per se. And if Blesk were truly concerned about a conflict of interest, it would look into the web of interests around Bison & Rose PR agency and its long-time client Zdeněk Bakala, which allows people associated with Bakala's activities (including Kolář) to get special treatment at ČT. No, for Křetínský it's politics and business. He's interested in the office of the president, because it's the most effective way to influence the policies of PM Andrej Babiš. Is Křetínský's preferred candidate Dr. Roman Šmucler? Readers of Blesk and viewers of CNN Prima News will no doubt soon find out. [ Czech Republic Czech Media Invest News Center public relations Television Aspen Institute ]

Glossary of difficult words

anchor - a person who presents and coordinates a live television or radio program involving other contributors;

to have someone's ear - to have access to and influence with someone;

per se - by or in itself.

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