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An electric car can get carried away in a tornado or flood almost as easily as a regular car can, but what if an e-car merely gets submerged in the water? What happens? Does it short-circuit? Explode? Or are the key electronic parts waterproof, as the manufacturers promise? Reports differ, but there is no doubt that the cleanup in the CR and Germany after the tornado and floods would be significantly impeded if all the passenger vehicles were fully electric. How would people who have no power at home, or even no home at all, recharge their car, even if they saved it from the wind or water? And what if flooded communities had forgotten to charge their rescue boats? Unlike gasoline and diesel, electricity can't be stored in a can and easily moved from one location to another. And generators that run on solar wouldn't be a very efficient way to power the water pumps either. Let's face it: Electric cars will be the solution to climate change only after we have a perfect climate. [ Czech Republic automobile ]

Glossary of difficult words

to short-circuit - to malfunction or fail;

to submerge - to cause (something) to be under water;

to impede - to hinder; to delay or prevent (someone or something) through obstruction.

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