Final Word from Monday, April 25, 2022

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told Der Spiegel that his government has supplied anti-tank weapons, anti-aircraft equipment, ammunition, vehicles and defense materiel that has directly helped Ukraine. Yet for Kyiv and certain allies and coalition partners this is not enough. Among those criticizing him for not doing more is Czech Foreign Min. Jan Lipavský. Scholz is essentially being attacked for doing his job - for taking into account his country's own interests and not just those of foreign governments. The much-discussed interview in Der Spiegel came out while Czech Defense Min. Jana Černochová was in the U.S. She told Czech Radio that she didn't open the issue of a U.S. military base while there, although it is still her wish, and that she thinks the American side knows that the hawks in the CR are in favor of it. Yes, she referred to herself as a "hawk." In contrast, Scholz sees his party, SPD, as one of peace that is trying to prevent escalation that leads to World War III. [ Czech Republic Lloyd Austin Defense Secretary United States ODS Pirates ]

Glossary of difficult words

hawk - a person who advocates an aggressive or warlike policy, esp. in foreign affairs; 

dove - a person who advocates peaceful or conciliatory policies, esp. in foreign affairs; 

materiel - military materials and equipment; 

"hawk" - Czech Radio excised the word "jestřáb" from its transcript, but the word can be heard toward the end of the audio.

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