Final Word from Monday, October 3, 2022

Miloš Vystrčil of ODS defended his Jihlava Senate seat in convincing fashion, which means that he will most likely be giving his third New Year's address on Jan. 1 as president of the Senate. In his first address, which happened under PM Andrej Babiš, he called for restricting personal freedoms even when it isn't popular if the situation calls for it. He also called for greater redistribution of wealth to help small and midsize business owners and people from culture, services and NGOs, who he said are the salt of the earth and were hurt the most by the covid restrictions. In his second New Year's address, this time under PM Petr Fiala, he called for curbing the rapid indebtedness of the country and also the rise in prices, esp. energy prices. In light of these comments and the course of current events, it's probably realistic to expect Vystrčil to use his third New Year's address to praise the Fiala government for having the courage to impose energy rationing, even though it wasn't popular. [ Czech Republic Jana Nagyová ANO elections second round speech ]

Glossary of difficult words

the salt of the earth - the best or noblest of their kind;

to curb - to restrain or keep in check;

to ration - to allow each person or business to have only a fixed amount of (a commodity).

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