Final Word from Monday, February 3, 2003

MP Jaroslav Zveřina of ODS said yesterday that there's a strong anti-U.S. lobby within ČSSD. House Speaker Lubomír Zaorálek of ČSSD said it's not a question of anti-Americanism. He argued on Czech TV's Špona debate show on Sat. that the letter signed by Václav Havel and seven prime ministers amounted to abandonment of Europe's critical approach to George W. Bush's policies. It's the duty of Europeans, he said, to maintain this critical approach. He said he can imagine that in certain instances the policies of the U.S. can be effective, but under other circumstances they can be a catastrophe for this planet. He added that the use of force should be the last resort in Iraq. Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda said the CR will take part in an Iraq war only if there's a U.N. mandate. The CR, Nato and EU are all behind the U.S., he said, as long as it lets the U.N. set the rules.


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