Final Word from Monday, July 3, 2017

Janek Kroupa of Czech Radio is on the search for the "anonymous group" behind the Julius Šuman account on Twitter, which has released compromising recordings of Andrej Babiš. Kroupa was led by a police source to a house in Olomouc that contained some more tapes, and because it is owned by Ivan Kyselý, who is a close friend of ex-Interior Min. Ivan Langer's, Kroupa hinted that Langer might be Šuman. "Langer does not like me," Babiš confirmed to Kroupa. The problem is that Kroupa has not released any evidence that there is even a "group" of people behind Šuman, much less that Kyselý and Langer are among them. In fact, everything Kroupa has released points as equally to CEO Daniel Beneš of ČEZ. Langer is certainly no angel, but with the looming takeover of ČEZ by Babiš's people after the elections, logic demands that the hunt for Julius Šuman begin not with Langer, but with the security and PR apparatus reporting to Beneš and Martin Roman. [Czech Republic Minister ODS Radiožurnál wiretaps Stanislav Hájek]

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to loom (looming) - (of an event regarded as a threat) to seem about to happen;

apparatus - the complex structure of a particular organization or system.

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