Final Word from Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Minister of Industry Miroslav Grégr said in Právo today that Václav Klaus' objection to incentives for foreign investors is a logical part of the election campaign. Klaus' words came just as the cabinet was breaking ground at Toyota's new plant in Kolín, he noted. Klaus or anyone else can say what he wants, Grégr argued, but incentives have been successful at stabilizing the economy and promoting growth. Grégr also noted that, contrary to popular belief, Czech companies are often the recipients of incentives. They are No. 2 on the list behind the Dutch, he said, and account for a fifth of the approved projects. Eliminating incentives would hurt the very Czech companies that Klaus wants to help. Grégr also pointed out that the incentives were passed in Parliament by an overwhelming majority, and ODS was among those voting for them.


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