Final Word from Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Prof. Jan Švejnar told Hospodářské noviny last week that the media should pay more attention to CZ (Cesta změny Way of Change) and Naděje (Hope), two small parties with low ratings. Almost as if in response, Právo devoted a page and a half on Sat. to a joint interview with their chairs, Jiří Lobkowicz and Monika Pajerová. The interview showed that the two have some good ideas about cleaning up politics but that their personal animosities (deriving from a previous party split) are an obstacle to success. Lobkowicz nearly walked out of the interview because of Pajerová's personal attacks. CEO Jack Stack of Česká spořitelna said recently that small parties must prove themselves before they can expect broad financial support. In the case of CZ and Naděje, putting aside petty differences and emphasizing common political solutions would be a step in this direction.


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