Final Word from Friday, May 24, 2002

If there a quiet French revolution taking place in the CR? Sales of French cars have exploded, while sales of German-made models have plummeted. France is the CR's No. 4 trading partner, behind Germany, Slovakia and Austria, and Ambassador Philippe Coste told Xantypa magazine that trade with France is much "quicker and aggressive" than in the case of Austria and is definitely on the rise. There is hope, he said, that France will soon take over the No. 2 spot. In terms of foreign direct investment, France was already No. 2 last year. Coste also expects a resurgence of French and European culture, an area currently dominated by the Americans. Filmgoers, he said, will eventually return to their fundamental values and to traditional European productions. He said he's also pleased to see that many Czech politicians have started to study French.


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