Final Word from Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Vladimír Železný said enigmatically recently that certain influential Czech groups like the idea of his being perpetually prosecuted and insulted in the media. He made the comment in Právo, which has been allowing him a weekly made-to-order interview. (PPF reportedly wants to start a new daily paper, but why should it, when Železný already "owns" Právo?) Železný didn't say which groups are out to get him, but he stressed on the BBC that his relationship with PPF is now very friendly. Železný enjoys absolute immunity for anything he says in Parliament, but not in a press interview. He should use this privilege tomorrow - when the Senate votes on surrendering him to justice - to reveal the full details of the conspiracy against him, without fear of being charged with slander. At least one TV station would no doubt be willing to send a camera team.


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