Final Word from Monday, January 27, 2003

One by one, Vladimír Železný, Miloš Zeman and Václav Klaus fell last week. Železný was surrendered to justice, Zeman was embarrassed in the presidential election, and Klaus missed victory by 14 votes. Coca-Cola also fell from grace, with its BonAqua water losing its prominent spot in the presidential telecast to a nondescript tumbler. Zeman has taken to the hills again but is already planning a comeback. If he decides to run in a direct vote - he has said he won't - his people and the Communists could block a third attempt in Parliament. Or, if he decides to back Klaus (perhaps in exchange for a nice post somewhere), the professor could win in a third parliamentary election. A direct vote could see Klaus, Zeman and Železný all put their gloves on. The presidential race is now a bigger mess than ever, and BonAqua is looking more and more like the best candidate.


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