Final Word from Friday, February 7, 2003

The U.S. embassy informed us that Condoleezza Rice's conversation with Vladimír Špidla came after Václav Havel had already signed the letter on Iraq, also signed by seven prime ministers. The purpose of the call was to thank the Czechs for their support of the U.S. position on Iraq, the embassy said, but the letter was not mentioned. Another reader, who has close ties with Washington, said he can confirm our version. But we left out a crucial detail, he said. Czech Amb. to the U.S. Martin Palouš played the key role in getting Havel to sign the letter, he said. Regardless of one's personal view on the impending war, he added, Havel and Palouš built bridges to the U.S. at a crucial time. For some people, such as that reader, this was very commendable. For others, such as Petr Uhl of Právo, it was a violation of Havel's constitutional duty to follow the cabinet on foreign policy.


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