Final Word from Tuesday, April 8, 2003

A reader, a well-educated young Czech female, wrote: "Vladimír Železný won't go out of his way on TV Nova to support the U.S.'s case in Iraq, and we all know why, but the Czech media have other reasons for their skeptical position. They're expressing what many Czechs feel. The media can and do preselect what we see and can swing opinion, but in matters of war and peace the media alone can't tell us what's right and wrong. Those who support the war see themselves as friends of the American people and think anyone who doesn't is very bad. But this is too simplistic. I personally don't think this war is going to resolve anything, because the U.S. entered it without a broad consensus. However horrible Saddam Hussein is, another solution should have been found. Does this make me a bad person with anti-American sentiments? I'd like to think not."


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