Final Word from Wednesday, April 9, 2003

Ambassador Craig Stapleton said in MFD on March 29 that any country not wanting to be listed as a U.S. ally in Iraq can send a telegram to George W. Bush asking to be stricken. A few days earlier, according to MF Dnes, Stapleton walked out of a meeting with Klaus. MFD didn't give a reason, but unofficial sources told us it was because Václav Klaus asked Stapleton to make sure the CR was removed from the list. This reportedly angered Stapleton and prompted him to leave. Klaus got worried and followed up with a conciliatory letter. Meanwhile, ODS Chairman Mirek Topolánek told LN Lidové noviny that Klaus has decided to be the most popular Czech president. This might be working at home, but certainly not in Washington. Europeans, according to the Wall Street Journal, should know that "they're dealing with an America that's going to remember who played what role [in Iraq] for some time to come."


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