Final Word from Monday, July 14, 2003

MP Vlastimil Tlustý of ODS, perhaps the CR's next finance minister, has been a master of political rhetoric. Few rivals could match his intellect or level of preparation in a political debate. But then he let his tongue get out of control. First he showed his ignorance of mobile phones by claiming he was a victim of eavesdropping. After Eurotel's spokesman politely pointed out how the phones work, the young man was suddenly out of a job, but not before Tlustý filed suit. Then Tlustý shocked even his own party by proposing a Kč 4,000 monthly welfare payment for everyone, regardless of need. Tlustý refuses to back down on this, but there is a sign that he realizes he's been going too far. He failed to show up for court on Fri. against Eurotel, claiming to be on vacation. Instead of admitting his mistake, he apparently plans to let the case get lost in the court system.


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