Final Word from Tuesday, September 9, 2003

The past seven days have been a normal week in the Czech media.... Impuls said it has a smear document claiming that Vladimír Špidla has two lovers.... MF Dnes reported that during their Prague love-in, Vladimír Špidla and Gerhard Schröder started using the familiar "du" form of address.... TV Nova yelled some familiar expletives in trying to get MFD to pull its story about Procter & Gamble's withdrawal from the station.... MFD responded by writing still another story about P&G.... PPF issued a press release saying that it really, truly, honestly, čestné pionýrské (Scout's honor) does own TV Nova.... Jaroslav Tvrdík, now CEO of ČSA for a week, didn't say anything to MFD, TV Nova or anyone else.... Czech Television reported that if he has to say it in English, we might be waiting a long time.... The Wall Street Journal Europe put the Czech media into perspective by misspelling LN's name (Ludovky, it wrote). Lidovky Lidové noviny


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