Final Word from Monday, October 6, 2003

The Financial Times reported on Fri. that pressure from the media industry has forced EU Social Affairs Commissioner Anna Diamantopolou to drop the idea for now of a clampdown on sexist television shows and advertising in the EU. Czech viewers had risked losing "Peříčko" and other risqué TV programs. Diamantopolou also said that no legislation is currently planned for a ban on smoking in bars and cafes. This, too, would have forced many Czechs to change their habits. Diamantopolou's announcement came two days before the start of the EU intergovernmental conference in Rome, which is expected to lead to the confrontation of new and existing EU members. Average Czechs aren't very interested in the draft EU Constitution, but a proposed ban on sexy shows and smoking in pubs might have been enough to put them in a fighting mood.


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