Final Word from Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Boeing will probably always be viewed as an extension of U.S. foreign policy, but some U.S. companies in non-sensitive industries looking for ways to become more global could succeed. Their motivation isn't just to expand their markets, but also to separate themselves from U.S. policy, which is increasingly unpopular in some parts of the globe. When Executive Vice President John W. Marriott III of Marriott Int'l was in Prague recently, it was surprising at first to hear him say the hotel chain wants to become more global. After all, it has 2,600 properties in 68 countries. In Aug., though, one of its hotels was the target of a terrorist attack in Indonesia. U.S. officials played down the link to America, but Indonesian Vice President Hamzah Haz stressed that Marriott is American and that this could have been the reason for the attack. Being seen as global, and not American, won't be easy, but it's an understandable goal.


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