Final Word from Friday, April 9, 2004

Alan Levy called me one one time - the only time, actually - and said, "Erik, how would you like to be me for an hour?" After chuckling for a few seconds, he went on to explain that he was heading off to the Karlovy Vary film festival and needed someone to teach his journalism class at the Anglo-American College. I had to turn him down, because I too was going out of town, but it would have been fun to be Alan Levy for an hour. The Prague Post editor-in-chief, who died a week ago today at age 72, had a unique perspective on the CR, having lived for years in "exile" in Vienna and coming "home" to Prague after the Velvet Revolution. Few people spent so many years watching the country from within and without and explaining it to the rest of us. He literally lived to tell the Prague tale, and his stories, humor and friendship will be missed. Erik Best


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