Final Word from Thursday, April 29, 2004

Prague Business Journal won't be resurrected, because of funding and staffing issues, but Economia is planning to launch its own English-language weekly in May. Economia, which also publishes HN and Ekonom, has hired a few PBJ staffers and says its new publication will be targeted even more at upper management than the PBJ was. The new paper's working title is The Business, a name already in use by a British weekly. Economia has Dow Jones and Handelsblatt behind it, which means expectations should be high, but HN failed before with a daily English-language supplement, which it dropped in Oct. 2000. There wasn't much interest in day-old articles that were poorly translated. To crack the corporate market, the new paper will have to show very quickly that it can duplicate the kind of hard-hitting original reporting the PBJ was known for. Hospodářské noviny Wall Street Journal


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